Deep Thoughts From Within My Shower Walls

I got to take an awesome, hot, unrushed shower today (gasp), and a few thoughts occurred to me (as all good thoughts tend to come to me in the shower, apparently).

First off, I LOVE the Eucalyptus Spearmint Stress Relief body wash and foam bath from Bath and Body Works. If I could buy it by the gallon, I totally would.


Second, my upcoming 2-year anniversary of no seizures (YAY YAY YAY!) seems to have coincided with the disappearance of some other random “symptoms,” if you will, that left me fuzzy and buzzy. Hard to explain, and weird. And its disappearance is weird, as well; especially since I just recently realized it was gone, let alone realize that it existed at all. Sorry…rambling again.

Third, as I was getting in the shower, it dawned on me that we are fairly unconcerned with modesty at our house, which for some reason struck me as funny. It’s a bit annoying sometimes, as it seems physically impossible for me to pee without a child in the bathroom or pounding on the door. But, overall it’s a good thing. My son now knows the word “potty,” and I’m hoping that this means he might potty-train early (HA!).

Fourth…ah hell. I had a fourth, I really did. But now my son is screaming and crying crocodile tears because I won’t let him touch the keyboard.

So, ta-ta. Thanks for reading…



A Target Snob No More

I am now a reformed Target snob.  We usually shop at Target, as the one we go to is connected to our mall and is convenient (and we use the Target brand diapers for our little one).  Not to mention the fact that our old Walmart was so scary that it could have been home base for the famed website People of Walmart.

Anyway, we now have a SuperWalmart which replaced our old Walmart on the other side of the city.  Fancy new digs, I tell ya.  We shopped at the SuperWalmart the other night, and as we were unloading the groceries at home, my husband was telling me what a good deal he got on this, and how that was a heckuva lot cheaper than at our grocery store.  This new store has aisles are that are wider, the staff is more helpful and the patrons are less creepy.  Holy cow!  Did we just become Walmart shoppers?

Don’t get me wrong, we’ll still shop at Target for a lot of things, but sheesh…how liberating it is to realize that the unwashed masses are not that “unwashed”?

**I humbly apologize to Walmart for using their logo without written permission.  As I am writing a fairly glowing review of their establishment, I’m hoping they will not hold it against me.

Welcome to my daily crazy life!

Sorry, not a ground-breaking post today, but it’s Friday and I’m fried.

Since I started babysitting full-time in October I’ve found myself saying some things these days that, taken out of context, would make me seem like a complete weirdo.  Gotta love kids!

“C’mere, you little snot machine…!”
“If I hear that song again, I think I’m gonna barf.”
“I don’t think your teacher really wants to hear about your farts.”
“If you weren’t so cute, I’d throw you in a snowbank.”
“Stop shoving Cheerios up your nose! I am NOT taking you to the doctor today!”
“Stop biting people or I’m gonna bite you back.”
“I don’t care what you wear, just make sure you have underwear on.”

And my absolute favorite, that had me giggling for hours:
“Kiddo! Come out of that closet!”

What have you caught yourself saying to your kids?