The "Non-Diet" Diet for Parents

So I know that many of you moms out there still have some baby weight on ya (except for the lucky few who lost it all right away, I hate you), and some dads who gained some weight along with us.  I have come up with a new diet plan for us parents.  It’s called the “Non-Diet” Diet.  It’s simple, really. 

  1. Eat a few bites of a treat or dessert, then give your kid(s) a bite.  You are almost guaranteed not to get to finish the rest of it, having sacrificed it to your kids (willingly or unwillingly).
  2. Eat your meals with children.  You will not get to eat more than a few bites at a time while it’s hot, as you cut up food, get more juice/water/milk two times per child, pick food off the floor that the toddler is throwing everywhere, wipe at least one spill per meal, and feed the baby if they are yet unable to self feed.  By the time you do get to eat your own food, it will be cold, and thus, less appetizing.
  3. When you go to a restaurant, bring the kids.  You will spend your time doing all the things in #2, as well as at least two trips to the bathroom, asking your server for extra napkins and refills on drinks for the savages, and apologizing to people at nearby tables for flying food and/or children who are acting like wild animals who are never let out of their cages. 
  4. Give your kids party noise-makers and feed them sugar, and let them go crazy.  This will get your heart rate up, and burn some of those calories! I’ve seen this one in action and it is amazing. 😉

And now, for some actual suggestions and tricks that I try to use.

  1. Brush your teeth after supper and you will be less likely to snack before bed, having clean teeth and all. 
  2. If you have a craving for a treat, drink a glass of water (which is good for you anyway), and wait 20 minutes.  You may find that you don’t really want the treat anymore.
  3. Run around in the backyard, playground, cul-de-sac, wherever, with your kids.  Put down your phone, and *gasp* get off the computer.  Your kids will love that you want to play (unless they’re teenagers, and then they will wonder why you’re spying on them).
  4. Drink water with meals, not soda/pop or juice.  Water fills you up, quenches your thirst just as well, and as a bonus, helps with digestion as well as all kinds of other awesome healthy stuff.
  5. DON’T BUY SWEETS.  I am a total and complete failure at this one, and succumb to the call of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that are in our cupboard.  But I try.

Anybody else have any tricky tricks?