Sweetness Saves You

My son…oh, my sweet little monster, how you’ve challenged me these past weeks. Your toddlerhood has not been easy on us lately.
And then? You show me just how sweet you can be, saving us both.
“I want some juice, Mommy.”
“That’s great, but is that how you ask?”
“Please have juice, Mommy?”
I tap my cheek, and you give me a sweet slobbery kiss.
“Yes. You may have some juice.”
“Thank you, Mommy!” with a beaming grin that’s just for me.
Sigh. 🙂


Much Needed Brain Dump

Headache update:  Thankfully the headaches have stopped. Rather, an increase in my medication made it so I am not in pain. Whatever. I’m just glad it worked. No seizures, either, so I am doubly thankful. The experience made me stop and think, though. It made me remember the last long run of no seizure activity, and how devastated I was when they started up again. I realized the other day that I have been overconfident and haven’t been taking as good of care of myself as I could be. The whole “take care of yourself, so you will be able to care for others” thing has kind of gone to the wayside. Wake up, dummy. You DO have people who depend on you, so make sure you’re able to hold up your end of the deal.

I haven’t written about the holidays, and I think it’s because they went by in such a blur that I couldn’t slow down enough to put my fingers to the keyboard and do a brain dump. Thanksgiving and Christmas were both wonderful. We spent both with my side of the family, which was nice. My husband’s family is 5 hours away, which makes holiday travel difficult, but we plan to make a trip down as soon as we can.

Thanksgiving was a busy, crazy day at my sister’s house, with the kids running around and playing, and lots of family squished together into a small house. It was nice…we enjoy just being together. My sister’s father-in-law and sister-in-law were there as well, and they have become part of  “our” family, so it was a blessing to share the day with them. It was my niece’s birthday the weekend after, so we took a little time aside and celebrated with her. I do believe that the girls (my daughter and my nieces) stole the show that day, marching around in dress-up clothes and having a little parade, with costume changes and everything.

Christmas Eve was spent here at our house, just the four of us, as has become our tradition. I love waking up Christmas morning, relaxing with a cup of coffee as our kids tear into their gifts. The best part about Christmas this year was laying in bed hearing our 5 year old daughter come up the stairs from her room and squeak in surprise and joy at seeing her pile of gifts. Priceless. We don’t make a big deal of Christmas presents, and I’m glad. The kids get one gift from Santa, a couple gifts from us, and their stockings are full. No huge piles of gifts so large the kids lose track of who gave them what. I feel like we are teaching our kids to enjoy and be thankful for what we have.

We’ve had some challenges with our kids, lately…well, I suppose I should say “as usual.” Our youngest is now 2 years old, and that simple fact has kept me from selling him off to the highest bidder some days: my mantra has been, “He’s 2. He is going to push buttons, and test boundaries. That’s what 2 year olds do.” That’s not to say that we let him run the show, but reminding myself that he is in a normal developmental stage keeps me sane.

Bee, our 5 year old, has shown some sass and attitude lately (as well as tattling and whining), which I’m sure is normal as well. Our kids are generally very good kids, so I am taken aback when she gets bucky. Oooh, the teen years are going to be interesting! I’m sure that some of her behavior has come from the need to stick up for herself while playing with her friends, and some her just being her emotional, sensitive self.

Even with those challenges, though, we have been noticing how well our kids play together. This is so fun to see, and we hope it continues. I remember being antagonized by (and antagonizing) my older siblings, so I know what it can be like! 🙂

This hasn’t been the 5 minute “Stream of Consciousness Sunday” brain dump, because I’ve spent more time than that letting my fingers just *type* but that’s okay. Hopefully I will be able to write more often, so maybe I can get back into that.

Have a great week, everyone.

Bad Parenting: A Confessional

You think you know what BPA is? Y’know, the stuff in plastic that is harmful to kids? Well I have a new meaning: Bad Parents Anonymous.

Hi, my name is Kim, and I’m a bad mom.

I find myself guilty of:

  • Going into debt to the swear jar (the words I scream in my head count double since they‘re generally worse)
  • Stepping AROUND a child laying on the floor throwing a tantrum 
  • Being quietly grossed out when I get puke or poop on me 
  • Locking away annoying and/or messy toys so I don’t have to deal with it 
  • Pretending that we don’t have paints for the kids so I don’t have to clean up the mess 
  • Letting the older ones watch movies because I’m too exhausted to play 
  • Flat-out telling the kids they are being annoying and/or obnoxious 
  • Letting the kids annoy the neighbors instead of me, by having them “get their screams out” on the deck 
  • Telling the older ones to not complain to me, and to “figure it out” when they are bickering 
  • Putting the little one in his high chair with some goldfish to keep him contained 
  • Feeding the kids mac & cheese two days in a row just to keep them happy (and fed) 
  • Keeping crayons and paper on the table for bored kids, in hopes that they’ll leave me alone for a minute 
  • Giving the older ones (4 years old) “chores” to help me out 
  • Throwing away some of the gazillion “masterpieces” they have scribbled and proudly presented to me 
  • Enforcing nap/rest time even for the 4 year old, who still often needs it but won’t admit it 
  • Letting the older ones use the Disney Channel on YouTube to keep them busy 
  • Forbidding ANY mention of Justin Bieber, Hannah Montana and/or Alex from Waverly Place 
  • Secretly hoping my ever-foul little one will wait for Daddy to come home to poop to avoid a diaper change 
  • Calling the kids dorks, weirdos, nerds, turds, spazzes, punks, stinkers, and turkeys 
  • Using guilt to drive a lesson home 
  • Quietly mocking and/or judging other parents  
  • Leaving 5 loads of unfolded laundry in baskets with the “screw it” attitude

As I read back on this list I realize that maybe I’m not a bad mom. Maybe I just have a low tolerance for BS. You decide.

Rules of Toddlerhood

What’s mine is mine.
What’s yours is mine.
If it looks like something of mine, it’s mine.
If I want it, it’s mine.
If YOU want it, it’s mine.
If I had it 30 seconds ago, it’s mine.
If I had it 30 minutes ago, it’s mine.

Did I leave anything out?

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I’ve been thinking about (and have started obsessing over) a conversation that was overheard between Bailey (4 years old) and my nieces (4, 5, 6 and 10 years old) at Bailey’s birthday party a couple weeks ago…

The girls were playing dress-up or some other silly little girl thing with dresses and lots of “let’s pretend that…”  The 6 year old said something about being “popular” and I watched my sister’s jaw drop, and felt my own drop as well. 

Since WHEN do 6 year olds have to worry about being popular?!?  Holy crap.

Little Girls and Their Crowns

I gave my child full license to pick her own outfit this morning.  Reasonable.  However, I’ve been trying to gently (yet deviously) steer her away from all this princess crap, because she’s got wayyyy too many princess dresses, crowns, gloves, tutu’s, etc etc etc, and I am getting sick of it.  Not like annoyed beyond belief sick of it, but sick of it nonetheless.  Which is why I am secretly pleased that she is growing out of some of her princess dresses, and am hoping that Grandma doesn’t buy her more.  Naughty Grandma tends to give her grandkids whatever they want.

Anyway, I was pleased this morning when the kiddo came out in a tank top and shorts (although she insisted in putting a t-shirt on over the tank top, but whatever).  Then she went down to her room to play, and returned a little while later in a freaking princess dress and tiara.  *rolling my eyes*

Kiddo is constantly talking about marrying Prince Naveen and asking how pretty her dress is–and is disconcertingly fascinated by watching me put on makeup (Damn it!  Way to confuse the kid, Mom!). I could claim that my growing aversion to all things princess is about teaching the kiddo realistic ideals of love and life and body image and all that liberal, modern woman-type stuff.  But, all that aside, I freaking hate tripping over princess dresses and am freaking tired of stepping on tiaras that are left freaking everywhere.

And, in the end, I am the one who made the suggestion for all the little girls invited to her birthday party in a couple weeks to wear their very best princess get-up.  Stupid.