My Pinterest Wedding

I think I might be a Pinterest addict. There, I said it. It’s a beautiful thing, Pinterest. And yet…it’s completely evil. This wondrous never-ending community of clothes that I wish I could sew, food that I probably shouldn’t eat, and DIY projects that I won’t ever have the time or ambition to complete. But I pin those things anyway, because there’s always the hope that I can one day use those ideas. Or something.

We recently went to an awesome wedding reception of some friends of ours, and it was SO beautiful. She had painted wine bottles with sweet sayings on them, she made homemade cupcakes, they had beautifully simple centerpieces with hand-picked wild flowers, and her hair was perfect for an outdoor wedding on a hot day.

Not to mention, they had a life-size cardboard Elvis (they had their actual ceremony in Vegas a few months ago, married by The King himself).

And all I could think, when I was noticing all the fun details, was that I wished I could have my wedding all over again, this time with the help of Pinterest. My husband and I joked about having it next summer and making it an “8th Anniversary, I Can’t Believe You Still Put Up With Me” Party. Thus, this Pinterest board was created.

Officially. Addicted.


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