I’m a Screen Free Week Drop-Out

I’ve wrestled with the “screen-free” thing as of late.

But being a stay at home parent, I feel like I need to be connected to the outside world somehow or I will go crazy. Phone calls are constantly interrupted; I can’t remember a time in the last couple years that I have had an entire conversation without breaking up a fight, kissing  an owie, or asking a child to lower their voice below screaming volume. I use my phone for texting more than I do phone calls, ironically, because I can text back and forth when time allows.

Now that we have an iPad, I’ve used that as well. It’s so much easier than using the desktop, since I can bring it wherever I want in the house (except the bathroom!!!). Facebook, blogs, and Twitter offer a good distraction, and allow me to keep up with friends, but I can’t sit on them all day long or the house will fall down around me.

Popping in a movie on a rainy day, when the kids are running wild gives them (and me) a chance to calm their inner monster and just chill. Pulling out the iPad and watching silly videos with the kids is always good in a pinch, and we have found some awesome apps too.

I had fully intended to dive head-first into National Screen Free Week, but when it came down to it I couldn’t bring myself to cut the cord. Using these devices (phone, computer, iPad, etc.) has become a habit with me AND the kids. They have their learning games and fun things, and so do I. Screen-free time has its advantages, and they far outweigh the “negatives.” 

I think what it comes down to is spending the time we have, together. Cutting out distraction. Being more active. Enjoying being “in the moment” with the kids. Even if that means my dishes don’t get done all day and I don’t talk to a single other adult until 4 p.m.


14 thoughts on “I’m a Screen Free Week Drop-Out

  1. mamamzungu says:

    I know! I just asked my husband if he could go a week without screens, and he looked at me like I was insane and replied “A week!?!? No way. Maybe a day.” This is what we’ve come to.

    I agree about the stay at home thing too. Screens have become my touchstone since I’ve been at home for all the reasons you mentioned. But I try and find a balance and strive to be in the moment with the kids (screens are away when they are around).

  2. Danielle says:

    If the people advoacting screen free week would like to come entertain my children during this time then I’m all for it. Other that than, Mickey Mouse will continue to make a regular appearance in my house!!

  3. Betty says:

    You’re a braver woman than me! No way could I even come close to even thinking about doing the Screen Free Week. Granted, I work on computers all day long, so it wouldn’t work in that way.

  4. Kerry says:

    Nice little read! I don’t have kids, but I think it would still be nearly impossible for me to go a week without the screen. Especially because I’m a teacher, and I use the computer for my lesson planning, activities, worksheets, homework, attendance, etc. That would never work for me!

  5. justkeepinitrealfolks says:

    I gave up TV for Lent. Once you get used to it, you find other types of entertainment. I really have not parked my butt in front of the tube that much since Easter. Guess I kind of got used to it. But, you take away my computer screen and I will hunt you down like the dog you are.

  6. Robbie says:

    i wouldn’t even attempt screen free week..though i would consider cutting down. I was laid off nearly a year ago and became an at home mom…and a very isolated one. I spend more time on the computer now than i did when I worked!

  7. That Unique* Weblog says:

    I will try it as some point – but I’m just as addicted as the kids are. I did cut back and didn’t use it as easily (it is television) or as readily this week. But yeah, I didn’t even commit to trying!

  8. morethanmommies says:

    You mean you don’t bring your ipad to the bathroom with you?! I’m not sure I could go screen free for a whole week…but there is a definite advantage to trying it once a week. I might make it my new goal!

  9. Patty Ann Smith Sparano says:

    Screen Free? Not for me! An impossibility, given the fact that I’m in front of one every day here in my office. But, when I’m footloose & fancy-work-free…I disconnect myself completely.

    For at least an hour…..

  10. Delilah says:

    The mere thought of having to go screen free for an entire week gives me hives. I cannot imagine. And it’s almost 5 o’clock here- I just now changed out of my jammies and I should be making dinner. Yet I’m here….reading blogs. Whoopsy.


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