Monday Ramblings

I’m totally going to brag right now.  Just forewarning you.

As we were waiting for the bus for preschool to arrive this morning, my 5 year old (gah! She really is 5 already, isn’t she?!) was counting to 100.  By tens. Then by fives. She’s in preschool.  Knock it off, kid, you’re growing up too fast! 

We went to an ECFE class last week, as is required for families who are receiving tuition assistance through our district. It’s a parent/child class once a week, and we went, not really knowing what to expect. But guess what? We had fun!  It was totally the perfect place for us to do something different together as a family, and holy crap, I got to have an uninterrupted conversation with another mom! I’ve started to forget what that’s like!

(In a side note, if you are a family who is struggling financially and could use a hand up, don’t be afraid to ask for tuition assistance for your kiddo to attend preschool. If you get the paperwork in soon enough, you can get the assistance you need. Preschool is expensive, and you have to pay for it, even at a public preschool…that’s one of those things I didn’t think of when Bee was getting close to school-age.)

I didn’t get around to doing Stream of Consciousness Sunday this week, but maybe I’ll try for next week. 

Have a great week everybody.  Thanks for reading!  xoxo



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