Bragging About My Kids

This morning was awesome. I got to hang out with the kids, enjoy their company and just be chill.  My husband had to go to work, unfortunately, but we made the best of our Saturday morning even if he couldn’t be there to enjoy it with us.

When I got up and walked into the living room, my sweet daughter proudly presented me with this:

She had gotten up before anyone else (not uncommon for her on weekends), and quietly sat at the kitchen table coloring.  Have I mentioned how awesome and independent and smart she is?  If I haven’t, remind me to start bragging about her from now on, because she is my favorite daughter.  Okay, so she’s my only daughter, but whatever…she’s the coolest little girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with.
She talks and talks and talks and talks constantly (like her Mama), except when she has her nose stuck in a book, and then she is silent and intent. It’s so cool to see my four-year-old devour books the way she does.  She is reading books that I liked when I was little, so it’s fun to see her getting into them so much.  She is so imaginative that she will read a book (or see a movie or t.v. show or whatever), and then play that she is the characters in that book/movie for months to come.  We often hear her talking to Totoro over tea, or playing house with Ellen Tebbits or, most recently, going on adventures with Junie B. Jones. 
And our son? Our (almost) 20-month-old wild little man with no fear and heart-breaking blue eyes? He greeted me with a devious grin when I opened his door this morning, and made me chase him to change his diaper. When he was set free to run, he immediately ran down the hall to find his sister. After breakfast, I found him like this:

Hey, not every man can pull off rock star jammies and Tinkerbell rain boots!  I call him Puppy, because he follows me everywhere. Including the bathroom these days, where he’ll make a beeline for the bath toys and proceed to spread them all over the bathroom in the 60 seconds it takes me to do my business.

He sat with me on the couch this morning watching silly YouTube videos on my phone, with his little head on my shoulder. Each time my collar bone would get in his way, he’d wiggle just a wee bit closer so he could find a soft spot to lay his sweaty head again, until he was practically laying on top of me.

Even if there are days when I have a running stream of frustrated cussing going through my head, our kids are awesome. They are crazy, funny, silly, sweet and smart, and they amaze us every day.

We. Are. Blessed.


3 thoughts on “Bragging About My Kids

  1. Anonymous says:

    I understand, my 4month old has learned to smile. She looks at you and gives you a shy smile. that is so adorable…….. she only cries when it is too much for her. The other day we took her out to a lunch party. We walked through a quiet hallway into a crowded and noisy room, then she started to cry( the one I had not experienced yet) so the whole luncheon was ruined for me because I was so concerned about her. So in a way, they surprise you very unexpectedly.


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