Stream of Consciousness Sunday

#SOCsundayWe went grocery shopping today, and I spent 20 mintues in the checkout lane, due to a new/slow cashier, and the fact that he couldn’t figure out how to do EBT properly. He ran it through 4 times (with me getting huffier and huffier–is that a word?) stressing about the possibility of me being charged the amount due EACH TIME HE RAN THE EFFING CARD. This, if you are not familiar with EBT, would begin depleting our account of funds that we use to buy groceries. (This didn’t end up being the case, but still.)

And yes, I said it. My family and I use an EBT card, or what was formerly known as food stamps. With us being “lower income” it became necessary for us to get some help with budgeting/bills/groceries. I’ve done a lot of budget cuts to make things work, we’ve recently had our mortgage modified, we are getting food support from the county, and we’re on WIC. I find nothing wrong with using the resources when they are needed and available. It allows us to put food on our table and clothes on our kids.

What I do find wrong is people who look down on “people like us.” There are the people in the check out line behind us giving us dirty looks because we are holding up the line. There are those who give us looks of pity, which There are the people who give us looks that scream, “You lazy bastards, go out and get a job and stop wasting my tax money.” UGH. Don’t even get me started on those people.

I work my ass off. My husband works his ass off. We pay our bills the best we can and balance our budget the best we can. I don’t feel like we are entitled, by any means. We feed our kids, they have clothes to wear, we do fun things and have hobbies, we spend time as a family, we do all the normal things a family should do. I just feel like, sometimes…the “getting by” is so hard. I recently had a conversation with a friend about this same thing: money, bills, stress, etc. and I said something about “figuring it out,” in regards to bills getting paid when a paycheck hadn‘t been received on time. She said, “Some day we won’t have to ‘figure it out’ right?” HELL, YES. There will be a day. Until then I refuse to be ashamed.

And now, a song:

Thanks for letting me be a part of your Sunday.  xoxo



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8 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Sunday

  1. Jana A says:

    You're doing a wonderful job for your family. You are using the resources that are provided to help people through rough patches. Thanks for popping over to my site today! Have a wonderful week!

  2. barefoot gardener says:

    Babe, I feel your pain. I remember the looks when I was using my EBT card, or my WIC vouchers (oh, how I hate those WIC vouchers! Nothing should take that long in the check-out lane!). But you are absolutely right to refused to feel ashamed. There is NOTHING wrong with getting a little help when you need it. Keep your chin, up, babe. Nothing lasts forever….

  3. Stella Dacuma Schour says:

    In my personal experience, the cheapest and freshest produce I find is always at the Asian Supermarket. I dont know how close you are to one, but it is worth checking out.Now, Im not sure how sensitive you are, but the market will have a fishy smell because they sell fish. Whole. With heads on. and they will gut it for you (and sometimes fry it for you.) No that is not gross and i prefer my seafood that way. The meat can be chopped to your heart's desire and the quality is generally better than the ones packaged on styrofoam trays and plastic wrap. The downside to shopping in an Asian supermarket is that the usual American groceries (peanut butter, cereal etc)never goes on sale. You will have to clean and rinse your fresh vegetables and meat before cooking. But that's how *organic* produce should be anyway.I live in NYC, and yes, the only way i can make my money stretch is to shop there. They accept EBT and WIC too.

  4. all.things.fadra says:

    I always wondered what that EBT option meant at the grocery store. And yes, those resources are there for YOU when you NEED them. That's what we pay taxes for. I'm on unemployment and I sometimes feel a little embarrassed using my unemployment debit card. But it is what it is, right?

  5. Kim | Not So Perfect Mom says:

    Exactly, Fadra! But the embarrassment thing…they do make it easier for you with the usual card swipe and typing in a PIN. So really, the only people who know you are using EBT or whatever, are you and the cashier, unless you go flashing the card around. WIC vouchers are a whole different story, as you have to divide out your groceries according to which voucher they are on (and separate transactions for each voucher). That's when we get the most dirty looks. I say, hold your head high, even when using your unemployment debit card…you are taking care of your family the best you

  6. Janice says:

    We had to file bankruptcy a few years ago–screw anyone who looks down on you. That's what those programs are there for in the first place. Now we've managed to get things back in order–times will hopefully get better. I found your site from Selena over at Because Motherhood Sucks. Great blog. I'm now

  7. Kim | Not So Perfect Mom says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Janice! Things have gone from bleak to hopeful in the past 6 months or so, so it's been a long journey! Good for you for getting back on your feet. Financial instability can be a humbling experience.

  8. Not Blessed Mama says:

    I'm a new reader, and this hits home. We just had food stamps and Wic briefly(WIC sucks, yo). I wanted to keep my card hidden and hide my face when I used it! I forced myself to act like it was no big deal and move on. That extra money really helped for a few months.


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