A Stark Realization: Adulthood Has Arrived

I’m going to be 35 in a couple months.  Together with my husband for 10 years.  Married for 5 years.  Mother of 2 children.

Whoa.  Adulthood.

I constantly marvel at how quickly our children are growing up, but to be honest I forget about what that means for me:

The impending arrival of the dreaded teenage attitude from our kids (ugh).  My babies being thrust into the Real World.  Concern for my parents’ health as they get “older.”  Being financially responsible, dealing with debt, and setting up a will.  Real jobs with real paychecks.

All of which, in a roundabout way, has gotten me thinking about careers and jobs.  Right now, my job is raising our kids, and taking care of my friend’s kids.  But in 4 years, the boys will be going to Kindergarden (YIKES! Only 4 years?!?).  And then, I will be going back to work.  Theoretically.

The truth is, I hate job hunting.  I’ve become good at it since I’ve done it a couple (ahem) times.  So when it comes to looking for a job in a few years, I’m going to want the biggest advantage because I’m going to be vying for jobs against new grads in my field.  I’ve often said that I want to go back to school “at some point,” to get my Master’s in Social Work.  I think that point is about to hit; I think now might be the time. I’m fully aware that with my current degree–a Bachelor’s in Psychology–it will take a little more time. But I think that with the support of my husband, and for my family and my self-worth, the whole experience will be worth the effort, time and sacrifice.

So…  Full time wife, full time mom, full time caregiver, part time student?


4 thoughts on “A Stark Realization: Adulthood Has Arrived

  1. Kelli says:

    I was just reading on someone's FB a comment about her decision to go back for her MBA: "If you wait until you have time, you will never do it." That sounded pretty dang true to me! I always think the hardest part of such a decision is starting – we all know how fast time flies, and suddenly it's done. Just starting is more than half the battle! Good luck, hon!


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