Random Thoughts After a Very Long Week

Things about having kids that have surprisingly not driven me crazy yet:

1. The “I Like To Move It, Move It” song playing several times a day, and the ensuing screeches, giggles and jumping around like wild animals.

2. “The Gummy Bear Song” via YouTube played just as often.

3. The fact that the girls constantly lose things in the snow that they promise to keep track of. Spring is coming…we’ll find it all later.

4. The diapers. We’re talking about the sheer volume and smell (on two boy toddlers, mind you. Somehow boys’ poop seems a lot more foul. It’s a mystery to me.) Maybe it’s just the necessity of it; I can’t pawn it off on anyone so I may as well suck it up and change them without complaining too much about it. (I do, however, take my husband up on his offer to change our son whenever I can!)

5. The fact that my mother likes to bring loud, messy or annoying things when she comes to visit. She comes to spend time with us, and to have fun with the kids, so all in all, it’s a good thing. 🙂

6. Disney princess movies. Any princess-y thing, really, since my daughter has SO much of it and is obsessed with princesses.

7. The amount of effort it takes to get them dressed to go outside to play. In the end, it is soooo worth it, giving them time to be outside, burn off energy, get some exercise, play loud games and holler all they want.

8. The daily request for mac & cheese for lunch. They’re not getting that every single day, so they can just deal with it.

9. The point and grunt. Baby sign is a work in progress for these little guys, so there’s a lot of, “Sorry, bud, I have NO idea what you want.” So we try everything, and see what appeases the beast.

10. Sassy 4-year-olds. I swear my daughter is 4 going on 14.

Things that DO drive me crazy:

1. The pounding on the door as I try to pee by myself.

2. The fact that the boys are learning new words such as my new favorite: NO!

3. My son’s apparent inability to be more than 10 feet away from me without screaming like I‘ve left him forever.

4. My son’s new screech, which is his baby version of a tantrum, and the devastated face that he makes when I just step over him and walk away.

5. The tattling. It’s never-ending. My clever psychological tactics work only most of the time.

6. Teething. It just sucks.

7. That my daughter waits until after we’ve tucked her in to realize she needs to go potty or needs a drink of water.

8. The faux nap. You think they are peacefully resting and then check on them, only to realize they have been quietly trashing the place. Wipes everywhere. Crib sheet on the floor. Blanket stuffed between the slats of the crib. Socks disappeared. Pacifier somehow across the room.

9. Those stupid plastic stackable ball-cup thingies (or any toy, really) being scraped across the floor, the sound of which makes me shudder and want to vomit and/or scream.

10. Whining. Enough said.

The things I have come to LOVE and cherish them while I can:

1. The giggles, smiles and dimples.

2. The hugs and snuggles.

3. When they all fight over my lap and I end up with all of them on me snuggling.

4. The slobbery kisses (unless you’re a parent, you probably don’t understand this one).

5. When our daughter begs us to read to her. She loves to read and be read to, and it‘s awesome.

6. Alone time with my husband. It means so much more now that we have kids, since our attention is almost always otherwise occupied.

7. The sweet (yet often brief) silence of naptime.

8. The handmade cards and pictures and scribbles that are so proudly given to us.

9. Coffee.

10. Bedtime.


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts After a Very Long Week

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