Welcome to my daily crazy life!

Sorry, not a ground-breaking post today, but it’s Friday and I’m fried.

Since I started babysitting full-time in October I’ve found myself saying some things these days that, taken out of context, would make me seem like a complete weirdo.  Gotta love kids!

“C’mere, you little snot machine…!”
“If I hear that song again, I think I’m gonna barf.”
“I don’t think your teacher really wants to hear about your farts.”
“If you weren’t so cute, I’d throw you in a snowbank.”
“Stop shoving Cheerios up your nose! I am NOT taking you to the doctor today!”
“Stop biting people or I’m gonna bite you back.”
“I don’t care what you wear, just make sure you have underwear on.”

And my absolute favorite, that had me giggling for hours:
“Kiddo! Come out of that closet!”

What have you caught yourself saying to your kids?



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