Does Starbucks Deliver?

We stayed up late last night.  Stupid.  I sat playing around on Facebook, and my husband watched the first episodes of “The Cape” until about midnight, and then after that we proceeded to stay up and watch “Empire Records” on Netflix.  Suddenly we looked at the clock and…HOLY CRAP!  It’s 2:00 a.m.!  Why in the world do we do that to ourselves…all the time?!

In a mere 4 hours we were going to have to drag our butts out of bed to get ready for work.  (Granted, I don’t leave the house for work, but I still like to shower and look like I actually give a damn.)  Yikes.  Lucky for me, the kiddos I babysit didn’t come today, but MY kiddo had school this morning, and our little man was up and squawking bright and early.  Ugh….. 

It’s been a relatively calm day, though, with the other kids not here, and Bee being at school for half the day. However, my little man has rediscovered the talking, musical hippo-shaped laptop that is obnoxiously annoying and loud.  His new hobby is playing with it for a few minutes, shutting it (it still plays the music while it’s shut), and then lovingly throwing it in my lap so I’ll open it back up again.  Thanks, Puppy.  Love you too, bud. 

Naptime is in the near future…  For all of us.  🙂



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