I Suck At Party Planning

I woke up to two things this morning…  Bipolar Baby jabbering happily in his crib (hooray!), and my husband bending over to kiss me goodbye, saying, “You still want to work on the yard tonight?”  The happy jabber made me smile, but apparently I did my characteristic “nose wrinkle” at the reminder that we agreed to clean up the yard tonight to Bailey’s party this weekend.  Blah. 

The nose wrinkle has become a running joke, and an absolute and final commentary of my objection to an idea:

“Should we have liver and onions for supper? *nose wrinkle*  OKAY, that would be a ‘no’. How ’bout…”

“You want to see the movie “Bikini Girl Death Match” this weekend?  *nose wrinkle*  Mmkay, no.”

So even though I agreed that we HAVE to clean up the yard and today should probably be the day, I still gave the nose wrinkle.  Because, let’s face it:  yard work sucks.   

So, anyway.  La la la. 

We are planning Bailey’s birthday party in our usual fashion.  That is to say, I picked a date and kinda forgot about it.  And then last week:  “Yeah!  Grilling and and presents and cake and…ooh, yeah let’s MAKE a really intricate cake with several tiers and fairies and….oh, yeah, let’s have the party have a princess theme.”  Crap.  And we neglected to invite Josh’s best friend and his family.  Crap.  And Bailey wanted to invite someone I was accidentally on purpose NOT inviting.  Crap. 

Cupcakes can be made Friday. Princess dress will be put in the laundry tomorrow, princess crown shined and sparkling.  I’ll recheck the guest list this afternoon.  Sucking it up and being an adult about the awkward invites will commence on Saturday.  Yard work, ahoy!



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