First Thoughts of the Day

How can such a sweet little boy smell SO bad?!?  Man, I love my baby, but damn…and he gives me the gift of an extremely disgusting diaper bright and early in the morning too!  What a guy.

So, our savings account was closed on us this morning.  Due to inactivity and zero balance.  Whoopsie…I guess that means we haven’t been saving as much as we should be, huh?  Ah well, I was able to open another one and link it to our checking account blah blah blah.  But during all the paperwork via telephone, the guy keeps trying to sell me more of the bank’s products:

“Ma’am have you ever gotten an auto insurance quote from us?  I think we could save you lots of…”

At this point I tuned him out, because we already have auto insurance and are loyal to our agent.  AND he called me “ma’am.”  I’m 34 freaking years old.  Am I a ma’am? 

We took the kiddo to her preschool open house last night.  I thought I’d get all teary and stuff, but I didn’t.  She met her teacher and then immediately went to find something to play with.  She’s gonna do great.  Her parents, on the other hand?  I am going to be an absolute wreck.  She’s riding the bus to and from school, and I know right now that I am going to be standing at the end of our driveway, crying like a baby when that bus pulls away.  I’m tearing up right now, dang it.

I guess that’s all my blather for today.  Kiddos are napping so maybe I’ll try to do Day Five of the 30 Days of Truth.  …



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