A Conclusion

I am going to stop asking my almost-4-year-old, “Did you hear what I just said?” because obviously she has heard me, she just doesn’t give a crap and hopes I’ll change my answer.

Picture this:

In the kitchen preparing for breakfast.  I realize we only have a dribble of milk.

Me: What do you want to eat, kiddo?
Bee: Ummmm, Rice Krispies. And I want chocolate milk to drink.
Me: Okay, but we don’t have very much milk left, so you’ll have to choose just a little milk or some juice.
Bee: Just a little milk, please. 
Me: There’s not really enough milk to make it chocolate (whether that’s true or if I just don’t feel like actually making 1/3 of a glass of chocolate milk is beside the point), but you can have it white.  Do you still want it?

She nods yes.
I hand her the bowl of Rice Krispies and a small cup of white milk.

Bee: But I wanted chocolate milk. 
Me: Did you hear what I just said?!?


Oh, and the best part? She didn’t even finish the milk in her cup OR the milk in her cereal.   



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