Alright, Monday, let’s get this over with…

I need more coffee to deal with this day…

Baby Boy has, as of late, turned into Bipolar Baby.  I love him dearly, but holy crap, come on!  He goes from cute and smiley, to a heart-breakingly sad face, to cute and smiley within the span of 3 seconds.  He does this new thing where he puts his little forehead on the floor and cries pitifully when he is really tired / crabby / frustrated. It would be completely adorable, except for the fact that he’s irrationally devastated when I don’t drop whatever it is I’m doing and pick him up immediately.  A Mama’s Boy already.  Crap.

Big Sister has finally, but as to be expected, turned into a pushy little snot when it comes to playing with her baby brother.  She takes his toys out of his hands under the pretense of “showing him how it works,” and then hoarding them on the couch where he can’t reach.  Again with the devastated look when I ask her if I should take away her toys because I want to play with them.  Sheesh, you’d think I was the worst mother in the world…

And, a random:  while we were cleaning our room (which is a chore that I thought I left behind me in middle school, but apparently still need to work on) the other day, I found the gift card for a pedicure that I’ve been “saving.”  Since I found it though, every time I look down at my feet for whatever reason, I think, “My god, you lazy sonuva, get your butt to the spa and enjoy the damn pedi already, because you know you want to.  Your excuses of being ‘too busy’ are just plain crap.”

So, as I type this, the pedi appointment has yet to be made, Bipolar Baby is happily playing in his crib, Big Sister is playing with his toys since he’s not around, and I am drinking a fresh cup of coffee.


One thought on “Alright, Monday, let’s get this over with…

  1. freddielyle says:

    Don't worry… she'll get a taste of her own! He'll get big enough to go after her toys! Now, unfortunately that won't mean less headaches for you… the Toddler Laws of Property don't end until… well, I don't know when. Ally is STILL playing with JJ's toys!


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