RNF: Bragging About My Awesome Baby Edition

10 Things About My Baby I Never Thought I’d Adore

1. His tenacity in his endeavor to get the kitty to love him.  Just for the sheer fact that our cat, Aslan, hates said “loving,” which includes hair-pulling, wrestling and drooling.  And for the giggles that ensue as Baby Boy chases Aslan down the hallway.

2. The gap between his front teeth, because it’s freaking adorable.

3. The fact that even when his nose is full of snot, his face is covered in drool, and he has peaches in his hair, he’s cute.  He may look like a street urchin, but a cute one. 

4. His constant jabber, because I like to think that if he could use actual words, we’d be having the most intelligent conversations. 

5. The giggle/scream.  It usually follows some silly face Big Sister makes or Daddy pretending to fall down.

6. The fact that he is brilliant and a pure genius baby.  Really.  Me being his biased mother has nothing to do with it.

7. His deviousness.  He and Big Sister get into all kinds of giggly shenanigans, and he gives me The Devious Smile before he does something naughty.

8. That face he makes when he tries a new food.  That quick little lip pucker and grimace before he realizes, “Oh! This yellow mushy stuff is actually kinda tasty!”

9.  The twice-nightly changeme/feedme bonding moment. Oh. Wait. Twice-nightly? Yeah, I could totally pass on that one.

10. The fact that Puppy (as I like to call Baby Boy) does indeed follow me around like a puppy.  I always knew he’d like me best.



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