RNF: Reminiscence Edition

Looking back on the craziness of my college days makes me giggle now, because I realize what a clueless dumbass I was.

Small-town girl, moving to the “big city” of St. Cloud (sarcasm, there) to go to college. Living away from home, new and exciting ideas, exposure to many different cultures beside my own, having male roommates (*gasp* what a rebel I was!), my first gay and lesbian friends, my first long-term relationship (with someone who was NOT a white bread Midwestern, American boy, no less), my first first-hand experience with racism–in the midst of the aforementioned relationship.

And after my first year, I thought I knew it all…hence the “dumbass” comment above. Getting out into the real world, in a real job, in a real relationship…? That was something else entirely.

Okay, so all of this is beside the point.

Through the wonders of the internet and Facebook, I have stayed in contact with the closest of my college friends, 2 of whom I am meeting up with tomorrow. I’M BEYOND EXCITED. I haven’t seen one of these friends since before he moved to England by way of Pakistan…like 7 years ago. The other, who I have seen occasionally, has since then gotten married, settled down, become a parent, experienced the real world through the eyes of an adult. (He was also my first male roommate who witnessed my bold dive head first into the awesomeness of alcohol. Ah, many a fond memory–or lack thereof, as the case may be.)

So in anticipation of this reunion, I have been reminiscing and thinking that regardless of how grown-up we are now, it’s still fun to look back on our carefree days of fun when we should’ve been doing something responsible but really couldn’t muster up the true desire to do so.

Good times were had by all.



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